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Brand Story

Dr. Rock was founded in 2018 with the mission of improving people’s health through innovative products.


Drawing inspiration from the benefits of Bian Stone, a stone used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for healing, the brand’s founders designed a range of Bian Stone products such as massagers, sit pads, and wearable technologies infused with cutting-edge features like heating therapy, light therapy, graphene, negative ions, and far infrared.


These products have been specifically designed to relief physical pain and stress, improve sleep quality, increase energy levels, boost immunity, improve microcirculation, promote metabolism, and enhance overall well-being.


At Dr. Rock, the focus is on creating a positive impact on people’s lives. With a commitment to innovation and a dedication to promoting technology and well-being, the brand is at the forefront of creating a healthier and happier world.


Range of Therapy Products

We’re a wellness company that specialises in a variety of therapeutic Bian Stone products such as body and facial massagers.

You may be unfamiliar with the “Bian Stone”, but its history can be traced back to thousands of years ago, where it was widely used by the ancient Chinese as a healing stone in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

According to folklore, the Bian Stone originated from a cosmic collision in ancient China. A meteor struck the side of a mountain with an impact so large it altered the mineral composition within the rocks, giving them an elevated healing potential. And that was how the Bian Stone was born.

While this might sound like an unbelievable story, we cannot deny its benefits. In fact, scientific research conducted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences have proven that the many health benefits from the Bian Stone do exist. 

Today, Bian Stones are widely used in gua sha or hot stone massages. If you’re looking to have your very own hot stone massage at home, we’ve got just what you need. Our wide range of Bian Stone products are sure to give you a comforting massage wherever you are. 

Trusted By Our Customers

“Dr. Rock Bian Stone mini massage gun fits nicely in my hand, unlike other sports massagers.

The setting is very easy to use with 3 different speed and heat.

When used with the quick heating bian stone, it feels like a moving salon pas and helps me relieve my muscle knots after training.”

Danish Husli

National Boxer, Team SG Boxing

“I am very happy with the Dr. Rock massager!

It is small, compact and packs a punch. I particularly love the Bian Stone and the heating function, which helps me to relieve soreness especially after a hard day of training.

I can take it with me anywhere, and get the recovery that my body needs”

Samantha Quek

Professional Boxer, WBC Asia Super Bantamweight Champion


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