Bian Stone

If you’re anything like me, you probably don’t know and never even heard of ‘Bian Stone’. However, this stone is widely popular in ancient China due to its healing benefits.

Legend has it that Bian stone — a healing stone used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years, has its roots in a cosmic collision in ancient China. Per the folklore, a meteor struck the side of a mountain and the resulting blast created a special combination of stone and minerals with elevated potential for healing.

Although this might sound like an unbelievable story, we cannot deny the benefits of the Bian Stone as through scientific research done by the Chinese Academy of Sciences has shown the multiple benefits of this stone.

Bian-stone is the first technique among the four major ancient medical practices of the “Yellow Emperor” and can be seen as the mother of the famous acupuncture therapy. In the past, Bian stones were used as heated pointed stones rather than acupuncture needles in the treatment of back and neck pain.

Nowadays, Bian stones are often the used in hot stone massage, and we’ve got the perfect solution should you want to have your very own hot stone massage at home! With our range of Bian Stone Products, you can enjoy this massage anywhere, at any time!

Science Of Bian Stone

Bian stone is said to emit ultrasound pulsations, far infrared rays, and negative ions, all of which are known for their antioxidant and anti-aging effects on our cells and DNA. It contains more than 40 minerals known to benefit overall health.

It is believed that the good thermal properties makes the Bian-stone a useful material with excellent physiotherapeutic functions for making acupression and acupuncture tools to stimulate blood circulation and relax muscles and joints.

On being heated, bian-stone was found to be able to facilitate energy circulation and stimulate blood flow in the human body, thus having the functions of blood circulation and increased energy.

When placed under the Far Infrared Radiance Test, the emittance of such rays from the  bian-stone is considerably high, indicative of its good thermal emission performance in the far infrared wavelength scope of 8-14 μm. In conclusion, it was found that Bian stone, with a vertical far infrared emittance up to 0.923 in the 8-14 μm spectral zone.

To put it simply, the Bian Stone is capable of channeling meridians, stimulating blood activity, dissipating blood stasis and regulating blood circulation in human body, which owes mainly to its excellent thermal emission capability.

The above were all as per the study done by the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Benefits Of Bian Stone

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that pain is an indication of Meridian blockage and blood stasis is an important factor in causing painful diseases. Not only can our massage gun help clear the meridian blockage, with its heated function, it can also promote better blood flow to ease the pain.

Relieves Back and Neck Pain

Bian Stone was used in ancient China to help alleviate back and neck pain problems due to the stone’s healing properties. A few thousand years later, we are bringing this healing stone back to help ease the pain for people with back or neck pain issues. 

Moves the ‘Qi’ In Your Body

When the stone touches your skin, the friction produces  ultrasonic pulses which helps move the ‘Qi’ around in your body.
This regulates the ‘Qi’ in your body, promoting better blood flow to get rid of toxins in your body.
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, an issue in a certain part of your body causes problems in the whole body. By having better ‘Qi’ flow and less toxins, you’ll feel better overall and more energized.