Bian Stone & Graphene Far Infrared

Heating Therapy MagicPad


Your Perfect Health Companion.

This revolutionary therapy pad features a brand new heat energy injection technology. 15 minutes is all it takes for it to provide you with total comfort and relaxation.

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Innovative technology

Natural Choice

Natural BianStone + Nano Graphene

= Your Perfect Health Companion

One Pad, Multi Purpose

Using a safe low-voltage input suited for the human body, the MagicPad quickly heats up and emits far-infrared rays into the body with the following benefits:

Produces the same frequency with cells 

Cell activation

Promotes blood circulation

Relieves pain

Improves hot and cold constitution

Helps with warm compression 

Reduces inflammation

Restoration of physical fitness 

Helps with body’s nutrient absorption 

Electromagnetic waves come close to a 0 when the graphene heating cloth is heated.

This prevents water and electric shocks while, at the same time, produce large amounts of fresh negative ions.

So whether you’re at work or at home, the SitPad is definitely your best companion. Enjoy the benefits of bian stone (scrapping or gua sha stone) and graphene today!

Bian Stone

“Revolutionary Material” of the 21st century

The Bian Stone and the far-infrared rays it emits are capable of channeling the meridians, stimulating blood activity, dissipating blood stasis and regulating blood circulation in the human body.

Our massage gun has a heated function to activate all these benefits of the Bian Stone, right from the comfort of your home!

“The ‘symptoms and physical signs’ score of low back pain and the score of ‘cold-damp syndrome’ were all improved using Bian Stone therapy” 

Source: National Library Of Medicine


Thermal energy from the bian stone’s far infrared (FIR) rays penetrate deep into the human body.

Heat therapy can help you combat fatigue, relieve body aches, relax muscles, and raise your body’s pH levels for a healthier alkaline constitution. 


“Revolutionary Material” of the 21st century

Graphene can be applied in many important aspects of materials science, including micro-nano processing, energy, biomedicine and drug delivery.

It has since been recognised as a “revolutionary material” in the 21st century

— the reason why its discoverers were awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics.

New breakthrough in graphene far-infrared tumor treatment

Graphene treatment of tumors is non-invasive with no obvious side effects

Significantly increase the apoptosis rate of tumor cells and reduce the metastasis and invasion ability of tumor cells

Can significantly inhibit tumor growth and prolong the survival time of the body