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Joie Massage Gun

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Small and Sophisticated


Mini Lipstick Massage Gun  

Small but very mighty. The MINI Lipstick Massage Gun is a breakthrough product that packs the power of a regular massager into a small and chic body. It’s a revolutionary portable massage gun that gives you the relief you desire no matter where you are. 

Redefining the massage gun aesthetic

A design breakthrough from our R&D team

4 skin-friendly massage heads

Enjoy a more effective and targeted massage with our interchangeable silicone massage heads.

An enhanced relaxing experience

The benefits don’t just end there

We’ve upgraded many of our existing functions too.

Light and Portable

Silent Operation

Intelligent Control

4-Speed Adjustment

Silent operation

45dB low noise operation.
Gentle, silent, with zero disturbance.

35dB (Human whispers) 

45dB (Massage gun operation)

65dB (Normal conversation)

Where to purchase?

Level 3, Men’s Fashion


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