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Warm Eye Massager

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Warm Eye Massager  

16 soft silicone independent massage heads. 40℃ constant temperature hot compress. Connect the Bluetooth to pay any music from mobile. 

15 Minutes for Everyday – Get more Relaxed

16 Massage Heads 3D Wrap-Around Massage

Free your hands, deep eye exercise

Each massage head is equipped with independent micro-vibration motors in each massage head, capable of reaching speeds of up to 10,000 rpm.

The powerful yet gentle vibrations penetrate deep into the orbicularis oculi muscles, providing quick and effective relaxation for your eyes.

Support Bluetooth Connection to Play Immersive Massage Enjoyment

Built-in Bluetooth connectivity and stereo sound effects allow you to listen to soothing music while the massager helps you escape external distractions and immerse yourself in relaxation.

Quality Process whitch Focus on the Details

Foldable Wireless Design

Simply charge the battery, fold it up, and take it with you wherever you go.

Multiple Modes Meet the Needs in Various Scenarios in Daily Life

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