BianStone (With Graphene) Far Infrared Heating Therapy SleepPad

Increase in body temperature by 1℃
Immunity increased by 30%

The World’s first Graphene flexible heating film +

natural BianStone far-infrared heating therapy SleepPad

BianStone (With Graphene) Far Infrared Heating Therapy SleepPad

Made of pure natural premium BianStones of red colour. Electronic constant temperature heating of BianStones can emit far-infrared rays beneficial to the human body, accelerate and improve the blood micro-circulation of the human body, activate cells, and achieve thermal curative effect. It can help relieve body fatigue and pain, relax muscles, improve acidic physique and sleep quality and other warm care and warmth.

It is a pure natural health physiotherapy method for warming the whole body. Long-term use it , can promote metabolism and enhance human immunity

Innovative technology natural choice

Natural BianStone + Nano Graphene = PERFECT

Graphene Technology

Based on science, not fiction

“Revolutionary Materials” in the 21st Century

Because graphene has important application prospects in materials science, micro-nano processing, energy, biomedicine, and drug delivery, it is recognized as the “future material” and ”revolutionary material” of the 21st century. The discoverer of graphene is also therefore won the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics.

New breakthrough in graphene far-infrared tumor treatment

On March 12, 2020, the collaborative result of the scientific research team of Nanjing Medical University “Non-invasive special far-infrared tumor therapy based on graphene flexible devices” was published as a cover paper in the professional journal “Advanced Therapeutics” in the field of biomedicine (Chinese Translated name “Advanced Medical”) The 3rd issue of 2020, aroused widespread concern.

New breakthrough in graphene far-infrared tumor treatment

1.  Graphene non-invasive treatment of tumors is non-invasive, and the experiment has no obvious side effects

2.  Significantly increase the apoptosis rate of tumor cells and reduce the metastasis and invasion ability of tumor cells

3.  Can significantly inhibit tumor growth and prolong the survival time of the body

Bianstone, graphene and the human body “light waves of life”

The medical value of graphene and Bianstone far infrared rays

The far-infrared rays in the 6-14 micron band of sunlight are essential factors for the survival of organisms. They are called the “light of life” by the scientific community and are widely used in medical treatment.

Tested by the National Infrared Center, the far-infrared wavelength range released by Bianstone and pure graphene when heated is concentrated in 6-14 microns, which is basically consistent with the wavelength range outside the far red line of the human body.

When Bianstone and graphite heat up, they will easily cause resonance at the same frequency. The energy is better transmitted to the human body for absorption.

Bian Stone

“The ‘symptoms and physical signs’ score of low back pain and the score of ‘cold-damp syndrome’ were all improved using Bian Stone therapy” 

Source: National Library Of Medicine

What is Bian Stone?

The Bian Stone and the far-infrared rays it emits are capable of channeling the meridians, stimulating blood activity, dissipating blood stasis and regulating blood circulation in the human body.

Our massage gun has a heated function to activate all these benefits of the Bian Stone, right from the comfort of your home!

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It is a two-dimensional material with a hexagonal honeycomb lattice composed of carbon atoms in sp2 hybrid orbital states, and a two-dimensional material with the thickness of only one carbon atom.

In 2004, physicists Andre Heim and Konstantin Novoselov of the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom successfully separated graphene from graphite in experiments, and proved that it can exist alone.

“Pioneering experiments in two-dimensional Graphene materials” as the reason, jointly won the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics. Graphene is currently the thinnest but hardest nanomaterial in the world. Another feature is that it can observe the quantum Hall effect at room temperature.

After the graphene flexible film is energized, it generates heat and emits a large amount of far infrared rays, which can electrolyze oxygen in the air to generate negative oxygen ions.

Soft, light, easy to store.

First layer: soft leather
The second layer: high-density mesh cloth
The third layer: natural BianStone
The fourth layer: bamboo charcoal fiber cotton layer
Fifth layer: Graphene heating film
Sixth layer: energy-gathering and slow heating layer
Seventh layer: soft leather

Graphene flexible electric heating film

Moisture-proof, water-repellent, foldable, anti-burning film material.
Non-metallic wire type conductive, safe non-conductive

Sleeping Therapy: 30~40℃, for daily sleep.

It is suitable for those with deficient constitution, poor body microcirculation, long-term fatigue, rheumatism pain, cold hands and feet, and weakened immunity. It is recommended to use it for 6 to 10 hours.

Warm Therapy: 41~49℃, used for daily conditioning of the body.

It is suitable for resisting chronic diseases, long-term fatigue, rheumatic pain, dysmenorrhea, uterine cold, blood stasis, cold hands and feet, poor body microcirculation, decreased immunity, edema, obesity, sub-health; hemorrhoids, male prostatitis and other symptoms to restore health.

It is recommended to use 2 to 4 hours / time for heating.

Natural Therapy: Power heating is switched off (room temperature)

It feels cool and comfortable during warm weather.

The body absorbs the far infrared rays that are continuously and naturally emitted by the BianStone, which is beneficial to the body, maintain and improve the body’s microcirculation system. 

International Safety Certification

This device has been approved by RoHs, FCC, CE-EMC and other relevant safety certification authorities. It’s a stable, durable and all-round protected massaging device that is certified safe for therapeutic use.